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It was early in his life when Sushil realized that he wanted to be self sustained and independent and not just be an employee behind a desk. With these thoughts in mind and his keen sense of learning, he moved to Delhi in 1997 to train in interior designing, graphic designing, printing and photography. This vocational training helped build the foundations of The Creative Hands and Sushil set up this company upon his return on 5th September 2006.

It was an uphill struggle initially as not a lot of people understood sign language which made Sushil gradually mastered the art of lip reading for effective communication.

Slowly and steadily The Creative Hands grew as a company and with assistance from the National Federation of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (NFDH) and Forward Looking started providing skill training to deaf and mute persons. These included fine arts, graphic designing, English language, photography and computer hardware.

We have so far trained 3 groups of students who have moved on in the job market, to create a career for themselves.

Today we mainly cater to Non- Governmental organizations besides servicing Banks, Medicine Distributors, Schools, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Airlines and still adding on to our clients’ list.

Our goal is to eventually be identified as one of the best designing house in Nepal catering to corporate clients and Non- Governmental organizations alike and offering international service standards which will be second to none. We would also like to contribute towards the deaf community through training and job opportunities wherever possible.

We believe that the Chinese proverb below holds a lot of truth –
‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

We hope that the continuous support we receive from our existing clients and new businesses that come our way will assist us in our pursuit to achieve our goals.
To spread awareness in the society that deaf are equally capable of competing in a dynamic environment like other hearing people.
To build this company into a stable entity, by establishing strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and the deaf community we work with.
To cater to our client’s designing, printing and publishing needs and offer excellent customer service

To provide deaf people with opportunities to train, participate and excel in our vocational courses

To increase awareness and promote support towards the needs of the disabled community
Towards the Deaf People
Empower the deaf and give them the confidence to explore their talent and make a living.

Towards our Clients
Offer quality products and unrivalled service at a competitive rate.